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Below you will find public-domain transcriptions of traditional Japanese songs.  We include here all 28 songs from a wonderful book published in Japan in 1892, Japanese Popular Music, by Y. Nagai and K. Kobatake.  We also include the song "Miyasan" from an 1891 edition of this book, and 16 additional songs that appeared in an 1895 collection by Y. Nagai and K. Obata.

Some other songs on this page come from the work of Rudolf Dittrich, who published piano arrangements of 16 Japanese folk songs in 1894-95.

Ten of the tunes on this web page appear in Giacomo Puccini's opera Madama Butterfly.  For a list of these songs and where they appear in the opera, see Japanese Songs in Puccini's Madama Butterfly on this website.

Each song is available for viewing or printing as sheet music in Finale music notation (.mus) and in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).

Listen to a song by clicking on the MIDI (.mid) link or MP3 (.mp3) link for that song.

For computer music notation specialists, we also provide MusicXML (.xml) renderings.

Nagai and Kobatake Songs (1892)
Song Title View or Listen Date Posted
Asaku-Tomo   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Dodoitsu   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Doteo-Toruwa   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Echigo-Jishi 越後獅子 mus  pdf  mid  xml  about 2006-05-13
Fuku-Ju-So   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Gonbe ga Tanemaku   mus  pdf  mid  xml  about 2005-09-01
Gosho no Oniwa   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Horete-Kayouni   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Inshu-Inaba   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Iyo-Bushi   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Kappore   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Kappore-Honen   mus  pdf  mid  xml  about 2005-09-01
Kayo-kami   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Kosunoto   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Kuro-Kami   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Miyasan 宮さん々々 mus  pdf  mid  xml  about 2006-04-16
Murasaki   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2006-04-23
Na no Ha   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
O Edo-Nihonbashi お江戸日本橋 mus  pdf  mid  xml  about 2005-09-01
Oki no Taisen   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Otsue-Bushi   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Riukiu-Bushi   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Sakura-Miyotote   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Sedo no Danbatake   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Suiryo-Bushi 推量節 mus  pdf  mid  xml  about 2005-09-01
Takai-Yama 高い山 mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml  about 2006-11-07
Toka-Ebisu   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2008-06-09
Ukiyo-Bushi   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Waga-Koiwa   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01
Yube-Yonda   mus  pdf  mid  xml 2005-09-01

Nagai and Obata Songs (1895)
Song Title View or Listen Date Posted
Banzai-Bushi   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Chidori Meimei   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Doujan   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Kazoe-Uta   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Koito-Utatote   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml  about 2008-06-09
Konpira-Fune   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Nisshin Danpan   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Noue-Bushi   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Saakorasa   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Shashari   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Shigin-Cho, Nanagon Zeku   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Soushi-Bushi   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Sukesan-Komamono   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Ume-ga-e   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Umewa Saitaka   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09
Yanreso Hoi   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml 2008-06-09

Rudolf Dittrich Piano Arrangements of Japanese Songs
Song Title View or Listen Date Posted
Dokkoisho   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml  about 2007-03-18
Ha-Uta 端唄 mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml  about 2006-09-24
Jizuki-Uta   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml  about 2007-01-31
Koito-Utatote   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml  about 2008-07-14
Kon-In No Uta (Medeta)   mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml  about 2006-11-14
Matsuri-Bayashi 祭囃子 mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml  about 2007-01-31
Sakura さくら mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml  about 2006-09-24

Other Japanese Songs
Song Title View or Listen Date Posted
Kimigayo 君が代 mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml  about 2006-09-24
Sakura (no accompaniment) さくら mus  pdf  mid  mp3  xml  about 2006-09-24

About the files

I have encoded each work as a Finale music notation file (.mus), using Finale 2005 or Finale 2007, from MakeMusic.com.  Then, using the .mus file as input, I have used Finale and other software to automatically produce pdf, midi, mp3, and xml versions. 

The "Date Posted" column shows the date that I posted the current file version on this website; this date changes when I post a revised or corrected version of a file.

Viewing, Printing, and Listening

You can download a free, limited version of the Finale program, Finale Notepad, from MakeMusic.com.  Using Finale Notepad, you can open the .mus files, print them, and play the music through your computer's speakers.  (You can even make edits to the music in Finale Notepad; however, serious work requires the full version of Finale.)

You can also print the .pdf files, and this will give better results than printing from within Finale Notepad.  If your computer's speakers are turned on, you can play the .mid (MIDI) files inside your browser rather than using Finale Notepad to play the music.  Just click on the link labeled "mid" to play the midi file.


Public Domain

All of the Japanese songs on this page are in the public domain.  Copyright on the original song publications has expired, and I donate to the public domain my transcriptions of these songs.

(However, some works appearing elsewhere in the Daisyfield.com website are copyright.)

Tom Potter

Contact:  feedback@daisyfield.com